Thank you for your interest in Outer Camp Ministries 

Truly we hope that your trek here will be rewarding unto you. This site has been submitted to encourage you in your life. We pray that you have that true fellowship with God the Father. And, if not, that your heart be pierced by the true Word which shall enrich and guide you in your personal pursuit of true freedom.

We, as ambassadors of the Highest are obligated unto those who may be less fortunate in spiritual deliverance from the crude rudiments of this present world. That soul saving ultimate supreme sacrifice behooves us, to also make sacrifices as stewards unto that which has been entrusted unto us, by the newness of our transformation from death to life. These sacrifices are distributed through various administrative conduits as orchestrated by Christ Jesus. They are not achieved through conduits of luck, chance, or, by way of happenstance. But, yet, through elements of charity practiced as emulations from The Source.

We, continuously encourage one another in uttermost exploits of exhortation in the labor that we all are entrenched within. Thus, our efforts are guided to include as much as is allotted unto us from “The Father of Lights”. We lean on the directives of His Spirit. Wherefore, we are eternally humbled as earthen vessels or unprofitable servants. This brief trek in this carnal environment lies as a mere starting point which leads unto a long unending journey of servitude. This is only an iota of relief which was officially commissioned over two thousand years past.

“Reaching Outside the Walls”